Assist Launch of China’s Space

As we all know, searching space is a important thing in the whole world,In this project, Ellsen can provide double girder overhead crane to help finish this work,Ellsen crane is manufactured with diverse controls and complete function such as redundancy control, frequency, monitoring and auto fault diagnosis. It is not only more flexible, but also ensure precise safety.

In recent years, Ellsen adheres to independent research, developed a number of new lifting equipment for the aerospace, wind power, nuclear power and waste disposal. Especially in the field of anti-sway research, Ellsen cranes can accurately complete all kinds of lifting task inside plant.

Now Ellsen Group is cooperating and has established good work relationships with 4 major Satellite Launch Center in China. And you can easily find our products in many space projects such as Long March-7, Shenzhou-10, Chang’e-3, etc. It is believed that Ellsen Group will take off and fly with China’s aerospace industry.

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