The difference between European overhead crane and other types

Crane is a kind of hoisting machinery, is a circulation,intermittent movement of the machine . One working cycle includes,fetching device pick up the goods , then move to the designated place to fall the goods , then reverse movement , return the fetching device to the original for the next cycle .

Widely used in warehouse and factory, overhead cranes for sale are an important material handling equipment. While, different country and region have their own features.

In China, the original overhead crane and manufacturing technology is originate from the former Soviet Union. After decades of development, the overhead crane appears to be like now, and has been applied nearly all domains in China, which has demonstrated its Excellent Properties.

So if you are from Russian, this will be very familiar to you. Other wise, if your from European and American area, thing will be different. Next, let us talk about the European style overhead cranes for sale.

To tell the truth, overhead cranes for sale are used more widely in the world, except in China, of course. There are many difference between them in appearance and in technical standards. While, as the development and the communication of the technology, the different is smaller and smaller, especially in double girder overhead cranes. Now, the main difference is in single girder overhead crane and the mounted electric wire rope hoist. Just as shown in the following picture:

European crane has the following features, advanced technology,compact structure,light dead weight,energy saving ,low noise , but it has high maintenance cost .

Each type crane has its advantages and disadvantages , Please see the following pictures .

overhead crane design
gantry crane design
European crane is on the base of light weight , modularization design concept and advanced manufacturing process, make the crane compact, move stable , dead weight , height decrease , Greatly reduce the cost of workshop construction and crane operation , to improve the overall quality and operation performance of the crane .

In a word , choose a suitable product is the best according to your working conditions .Hope we have a chance to solve your problem and give you the best scheme !

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