Electric Hoist

What is a hoist? A hoist is a lifting equipment, designed to lift, move and lower loads easily, simply and safely.Electric hoist, as an indispensable lifting equipment, it has won many praises from customers and factories due to its great performance and high quality.so if you want to let your work become convenient and become lighter,please choose one from below model:

CD Single Speed Wire Rope Hoist

CD Electric Hoist is a type of material handling equipment,the lifting capacity is 0,5 to 32 ton, installed on a bridge crane, gantry crane, linear crane for material handling by industrial and mining enterprises, railways, and warehouses, etc.  and the working class is M3 and M4.

MD Double Speed Wire Rope Hoist

Electric hoist with double speed is a type of small-sized lifting equipment, which is installed on various types of cranes such as single girder, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes for material handling. Double speed electric hoist is widely used in factory, mining, railway, port, and storage, etc.

Electric Chain Hoist

Electric chain hoist is one kind light duty lifting equipment, load capacity with 0.5~50ton, lifting height rages from 3m to 50m, can work under different AC industrial voltage. advanced technology and high technical content, its main components are made by the high strength light metal alloy, has features of small volume, light weight, compact structure, beautiful, convenient operation, etc.

HB Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

Ellsen Hoists the lifting capacity is 0.25 ton to 63 ton, and the lifting height is 1 m to 100m, with the working class is M3. What’s more, we have single speed explosion –proof hoists and double speed explosion-proof hoists.  And, customized explosion proof hoists are available.

YH series metallurgy electric hoist

YH series metallurgy electric hoist is a metallurgy crane equipment that mainly used for lifting molten metal. Its lifting capacity is less than or equal to 10t and its lifting height is less than or equal to 20m. The working environment temperature is -10℃~60℃ and the relative humidity is less than 50% under the condition of 40℃ temperature

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