Notice for use

1.Check the welding joint on non-magnetic guard board, which under the electromagnet and other welding joint regularly.

2.Check the condition of connecting box and cables regularly. If there is anything problem, please repair or replace it in time.

3.Inspect the electromagnet insulation resistance and coil dc resistance regularly, repair it when you find something wrong.

4.Check the situation of electric control equipment regularly.

5.Keep an eye on the electromagnet working current in thermal state. If the working current exceeds the normal current, please stop the operation and find out the reason of it.

6.Keep the current voltage pressure stable, and diamagnetic link work normally. Avoid the high and middle voltage impact the current coil.

7.The use of electromagnet should according to the operation instruction, and please do not change the on-load factor.

8.Electromagnet should be used in the allowable condition.


Lifting electromagnet matches with various cranes to take the place of humans to lift kinds of ferro magnetic materials. It is widely used in steel, iron, ship manufacturing, heavy machinery, steel warehouses, ports and railways field etc.

Lifting electromagnet is the best choice to lift kinds of steel and iron materials. It liberates people from dangerous, grim and heavy working environment. People could liberate themselves from working in the dangerous and heavy environment. Because lifting electromagnet can be used in some extreme environment, such as high or low temperature, highly toxic, underwater, places full of dust and etc.

In addition to standard products, our company could provide kinds of customized products according to customers’ various requirements.

Selection instructions

There are some technical parameter need to be confirmed by customers before deciding to choose which electromagnet.

1 specifications of cranes ? for example: 10+10T

2 what materials to be lifted? For example: lifting billet

3 specification and size of lifted materials, lifting capacity? EX. Billet: 150*150*12000mm, lifting 6, regular temperature.

4 choice of control cabinet: ordinary type, blackout magnetic type, adjustable magnetic type

5 inverter needed or not? If band-type brake is direct current, inverter is not needed.

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