Ellsen Overhead Crane Exporting to Maxico

Mexico Paper Mill is an international factory of tissue business with the main products of toilet paper, napkin, roll and packaging paper.
At the plant design stage, we had provided our crane solution according to the process flow of the workshop, to ensure our crane solution can exactly meet the customer’s lifting demand.


Paper making has always been one of the focused industries of Ellsen With the 60-year rich experiences, Ellsen knows well the process flows of different industries, and can provide personalized solutions according to the industry demands. The very short downtime of our cranes help the customers improve their business apparently. We can help the customers raise the working efficiency in any step of the process flow.
Mexico Paper Mill is satisfied with the products and service of Ellsen, and wishes to have a long cooperation.
Following our business development in South America Market, Ellsen will be chosen by more and more customers. Ellsen, as always, provide our customers the most safe, reliable, efficient and reasonable material handling solutions and high quality products.

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