Should Immediately Stop The Winch Of Any Malfunction

Hoist machine equipment is not easy to damage, but due to a longer work time use fixed number of year of the year Improper operation, such as often prone to some of the common faults.

Sometimes the project is driven, so even though there have been some exceptions, many operators will not immediately stop for maintenance, wait to work over in the examination This right, but if your hoist appeared the following fault, it must immediately stop check.

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1、control electrical failure

Control electrical key-module problems often accompanied by a lot of abnormal noise, in this case want to listen to see more, there is a difference between different bits of fault caused by the noise .according to the problems, should take different measures, after the familiar, identify the problems a a piece of cake.

2、speed reducer failure

If it is some wrong with the speed reducer, should immediately stop operation, check whether the motor is abide by the rules, whether to add according to the instructions before use, and timely replacement of lubricating oil, or bearing wear and so on, to suit the remedy to the case, timely maintenance, reduce the occurrence of unexpected circumstances. Sometimes a few small fault tend to cause big problems.

3、motor fault

Noise in the operation of the motor appear, should immediately stop operation, and then to check whether you have damage phenomenon, single-phase motor axis of motion and a variety of phenomena, such as will result in abnormal noise. Check products, want to listen to see more, can make use of, or according to the fault characteristics of noise, determine a sound position, looking for and repairs. Complete maintenance helps to equipment maintenance and efficient work.

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