How To Adjust And Maintain The Winch?

After installation of winch, must check and adjustment.

The adjustment of the winch

1. Open gear transmission, the gear side clearance is 0.42 mm, the contact area along the tooth height not less than 40%, teeth not less than 50%.

2. Check the working brake drive system flexible, reliable, and adjustment between loose when the brake shoe and brake wheel clearance is not greater than 0.7 to 0.8 mm.

3. Check the safety brake drive system is reliable, flexible and adjust between loose when the brake shoe and brake wheel clearance is not greater than 1.5 mm.

4. Check the brake control of electric brake and safety at work and whether the main motor interlocks, namely work start the main motor brake brake, stop the main motor brake work, and only the safety brake loose gate to start the main motor.

The winch lubrication

1. Reducer adopts winter – 20 gear oil or HG – HL 24 saturation cylinder oil lubrication, the oil level shall ensure that all worm into oil. Reducer using the oil change once a year.

2. To the main shaft bearing and gear reducer output shaft bearing should be replaced periodically or supplement calcium base grease, 4 two years in oil at a time.

3. In every time before driving should be to open gear filling lubricating oil.

4. The rest need lubrication part should be in every time before driving oil lubrication, especially between the two gear reducer output shaft thrust ring gear of the activity and shaft sleeve of lubricating oil will be listed.

The winch of the test run

Winch installed on checking and adjusting to the lubrication parts when confirmed lubrication, the no-load test run, after winding load, load gradually to the rated load. Under the standard voltage, electric current shall not exceed the rating, motor, reducer, and other parts are hot.

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