YZ Hook Casting Overhead Crane

YZ Hook Casting Overhead Crane

YZ Hook Casting Overhead Crane

YZ Hook Casting Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity: 5~320t
Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
Lifting Height: 6~18m
Working Class: A6, A7
Ambient Temperature: -10~50℃

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Product Detail of the YZ Hook Casting Overhead Crane

YZ Ladle Hook Casting Overhead Crane mainly consists of bridge, trolley, hook beam, crane travelling and electric part, etc.

Adopt double-girder structure below 125t and four-girder structure above 125t, the main grabbing device of main hook is fixed-spacing hook girder used to lift foundry ladle; auxiliary hook is used to work with main hook to dump the molten iron and do other subsidiary lifting operation; main hoisting and transportation equipment in steel mill and smelter workshop. Used for transshipment and pouring of liquid mill.


Technical data of the YZ Hook Casting Overhead Crane

Technical Parameter of YZ Hook Casting Overhead Crane

Lifting heightm6~186~186~186~186~18
Lifting speedm/min12.5139.99.77.6
Work dutyA6~A7A6~A7A6~A7A6~A7A6~A7
Track typeP43P43P43QU70QU80
Lifting heightm6~186~186~186~186~18
Lifting speedm/min6.47.50.6~60.8~80.9~9
Work dutyA6~A7A6~A7A6~A7A6~A7A6~A7
Track typeQU100QU120QU120QU120QU120

Features of the YZ Hook Casting Overhead Crane

1,The crane is heat resistance type. It has  fire prevention heat insulation protection devices .
2,The trolley is equipped with special motor for metallurgy insulation class H.
3,The trolley is matched with two sets brakes(double brake), double drive mechanism.
4,Hard-toothed surface driven for reducer’s gear.
5,The electric is  fully covered, dustproof, and heat insulation for cooling.
6,The cabin’s window use  double-layer toughened glass, equipped with industrial air cooler.

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