Overload Limiter


When loading weight reaches 90% of rated weight, warning signal is emitted;

when load exceeds the rated, power source is cut off immediately to make the crane not lift.

Weight overload limiter consists of the sensor, computing amplifier, controlling actuator and load editor etc. And also equipped display, controller and alarm at a suit. When the crane lift articles, the sensor deformation makes load weight transform into electric signal which is amplified through computing, and then calculate the loading weight.


It is widely used with all kinds of bridge cranes and gantry cranes.
Signal sensor inputs and signal group of relay contactor outputs.
Artificial circuit adjusts built-in potentiometer to set zero and demarcate.

Overload limiter for material handling equipment is the necessary device to prevent crane accidents caused by dangerous operation of lifting weight exceeding the rated lifting capacity of the material handling equipment. The overload limiter contributes greatly to the safety of lifting equipment and operation staffs. so if you need it, please Contact Us , we will customized for you.

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