1-200t All Kinds of Transfer Cart from Ellsen

Ellsn transfer cart is very popular with the customers from different industry. it is convenient to transport fast the heavy material from one line rail to another, They are mainly applied for transferring hot roll or cold roll coils, aluminum coils,copper coils, paper rolls, steel rebar, column object etc.

As a professional coils and dies industry transfer carts supplier, Ellsen Machinery is dedicated to providing customers good quality transfer carts. If you need other model and ton of transfer carts, our professional engineers can design according to your requirement, Please Contact Us now.

Battery Powered Transfer Cart

Low Voltage Powered Transfer Cart

Cable Drum Powered Transfer Trolley

Low Table Height Transfer Cart

Trackless Electric Handling Vehicle

90 Degree Turning Electric Rail Turnplate

Ladle Transport Transfer Cart

Aluminum Production Handling Railway Trolley

Vocuum Furnace Ferry Electric Transfer Cart

U Type Electric Transfer Cart

Hydraulic Dumping Function Transfer Rail Trailer

Hydraulic Lifting Transfer Cart

Main Parameter of the All Kinds of Ellsen Transfer Cart

Rated Load(t)2102563100150200
Table size(mm)Length200036004500560065001000012000
Wheel Base(mm)1200260043004300490070008000
Rail Inner Gauge (mm)1200143514351435200020002500
Wheel Diameter(mm)Ф270Ф300Ф400Ф600Ф600Ф600Ф600
Wheel Quantity4444488
Ground Clearance (mm)50507575757575
Running Speed(min)0-250-250-200-200-200-180-18
Motor Power11.636.3101515
Max Wheel Load(KN)14.442.694.5221.4343.8265.2330
Reference Weight(t)
Recommended Rail ModelP15P18P38P50QU100QU100QU100

Rated load(t)2102563100150
Table size(mm)Length2000360045005600650010000
Wheel base(mm)120026004300430049007000
Rail Inner Gauge (mm)120014351435143520002000
Wheel Diameter(mm)Ф270Ф300Ф400Ф600Ф600Ф600
Wheel Quantity444448
Ground Clearance (mm)505075757575
Running Speed(min)0-250-250-200-200-200-18
Motor Power11.636.31015
Battery Capacity(Ah)18016025400440600
Battery Voltage(V)244848487272
Running Time When Full Load4.324.8433.22.9
Running Distance for One Charge(km)
Max Wheel Load(KN)14.442.694.5221.4343.8265.2
Reference Weight(t)
Recommended Rail ModelP15P18P38P50QU100QU100

Rated load(t)2510202550
Table size(mm)Length200035003600400045005500
Wheel Base(mm)120025002600280032003800
Rail Inner Gauge (mm)120014351435143514351435
Wheel Diameter(mm)Ф270Ф300Ф300Ф350Ф400Ф500
Wheel Quantity444444
Ground Clearance (mm)505050505050
Running Speed(min)0-250-250-250-200-200-20
Motor Power0.
Transformer Power(kVA)3556.81010
Transformer Quality111111
Running Distance for one Charge(km)808080808060
Max Wheel Load(KN)14.425.842.677.7110.4142.8
Reference Weight(t)
Recommended Rail ModelP15P18P18P24P38P43

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Ellsen Transfer Cart is suitable for various industries, steel mill, transfer steel products such as steel structure, steel pipe, steel billets, steel ladle and coil, etc .

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