anchor windlass

ABB. Viking Mariella.

Anchor windlass is mainly used in the ship on the anchor operation, to achieve the fixed position; Inth mooring motor, the rotation of the bow and control the speed of the ship,and so on, It is mainly a prime mover, speed reducer, clutch, winch chain plate, brake, control,ect


Anchor equipment and mooring equipment are important deck equipment for ships and play an important role in protecting the safety of ships. The anchor equipment is the main decking equipment for the ship to control the speed of the ship, anchoring, anchoring and assisting by berthing.
An anchor is a machine used to retract anchor and anchor chain on board. With manpower, motor, hydraulic, etc. as a driving force. Usually installed on the first floor deck. Its development trend is to use a unit to achieve anchor, mooring, automatic mooring and other operations. According to the drive form can be divided into manual, electric, hydraulic.


Product composition: electric Anchor windlass with wear-resistant marine anchor chain wheel, marine hardened gear reducer, imported marine ABB motor, the main electrical controller for the IP56 and non-asbestos environmental brake with light composition

winch01 winch02 winch03



Windlass has Horizontal and vertical two kinds, generally adopts horizontal windlass on merchant ships.And vertical anchor machine also called windlass,part of its power in below deck, to save the deck area,ships use anchor machine more. recent large ship, because the anchor machine size is too big,difficult to accommodate bow deck,and adverse to the operation,therefore also has the use of vertical anchor machine.


Prepare work before starting

1. Check the bolts, add the grease to make sure the friction parts can working smoothly.
2. Check the rotation of the windlass ,clear the obstacle near the transmission parts.
3. Exit the clutch and disengage the sprocket and the rotating shaft of the windlass.
4. Turn on the power,try to have a test.

Anchoring operation

1. Turn the clutch hand-wheel, make sure the anchor shaft and anchor plate in place, and reliable fixed.
2. Remove the chain brakes and release the brakes of the anchor disc.
3. Open the flush anchor water valve, Start the windlass.
4. After the anchor is in place, the anchor chain forklift brakes, lay down the anchor chain brakes and insert the pins fixed.
5. Clutch exit in place.
6.Turn off the power, turn off the chain flush valve, remove the site debris.

Anchored operation

1. Remove the anchor chain brake
2. The anchor plate and the anchor shaft clutch are disengaged and fixed.
3. Release the anchor chain brakes, break the anchor.
4. Anchorage is completed, put down the anchor chain stopper and plug the pin.
5. Brake brake with brake anchor plate.



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