Capstan Windlass

Marine Capstan

Marine Capstan

Type: D(Y)J5
Warping load: 50 KN
Warping speed: ≥18 (m/min)
Wire Dia: φ11 (mm)
Electric: 3/1.2 (kw)

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A capstan is a vertical-axle or horizontal-axle rotating machine developed for use on ships to multiply the pulling force of seamen when hauling ropes, cables, and hawsers. The principle is similar to that of the marine windlass. Purpose-built for the marine market, our products feature corrosion resistant sealing surface and rotating components completely enclosed in an oil bath. In addition, all of the marine products are in accordance with many industry standards. welcome to contact us and learn more about marine capstan.

Vertical Marine Capstan & Horizontal Marine Capstan

Capstan windlass can be used for anchoring or mooring on the boat, which has simple structure easy operation. The capstan can designed into vertical or horizontal type and installed on the deck, under the deck or shore side. According to motive power, we will offer Electric capstans winch and Hydraulic capstan winch, you can choose what you need.

  • Vertical Marine Capstan


  • Horizontal Marine Capstan


Technical data of Marine Capstan

Type Warping load (KN) Warping speed(m/min) Wire Dia(mm) Motor power (kw)
Electric Hydraulic
D(Y)J5 5 ≥18 φ11 3/1.2 5.5
D(Y)J10 10 ≥18 φ11 4.3/1.7 7.5
D(Y)J20 20 18 φ15 7.5/7.5/5 15
D(Y)J30 30 ≥18 φ17.5 16/16/11 18.5
D(Y)J40 40 ≥18 φ20.5 16/16/11 18.5
D(Y)J50 50 ≥18 φ20.5 22/22/16 30
D(Y)J70 70 ≥15 φ26 30/30/22 45
D(Y)J100 100 ≥15 φ28 45/45/30 55
D(Y)J120 120 ≥15 φ32.5 60/60/45 75
D(Y)J150 150 ≥15 φ36.5 60/60/45 90
D(Y)J200 200 ≥15 φ40 75/75/36 110
D(Y)J250 250 ≥12 φ46 75/75/36 110

Customized Marine Capstan  Design

1.Customized design according to clients’ demand.
2.A wide variety of driven type: manual, electric, hydraulic;
3.Local control and Remote control;
4.IP56 marine motor;

After-sale Service

1.One year warranty for the whole machine;
2.A set of free wear parts available together with the winch;
3.Life- long free training and guidance;
4.International engineers ready to go abroad for installation, maintenance and commissioning any time;
5.Free training of operation and maintenance for clients in our factory;
6.Free training of operation, maintenance, installation and repairing for clients’ service man.

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