Slipway Winch

Slipway winch is a kind of small marine winch. It is mainly used for anchoring and mooring ship on the slipway, or lifting and dragging material to save labor resource. For large ships, the slipway winch should be with enough carrying capacity to support the ships after they are pulled out of the water and arrive at the slipway. The winch is used to get the boats or ships safely ashore.


Electric Slipway Windlass Parameters

  • Load capacity: 1 ton – 100 ton
  • Drum capacity: 100m- 1500m
  • Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
  • No. of drum: single or double
  • Power mode: electric
  • Custome Deisgn: Yes

Technical Data of Ellsen Slipway Winch

ModelRated pull(KN)Rated speed(m/min)Drum capacity(mmxm)Braking force(KN)Motor power(KW)

 Characteristics of Ellsen Slipway Winch

1.Our winch can be designed and customized according to clients’requirements with different load capacities;
2.Optional power modes: electric motor, hydraulic pump, diesel engine;
3.It is with excellent control system which can ensure the reliable work of the winch;
4.The winch has strong frame and good performance;
5.It is with long service life without failure;
6.All the components of the winch are in good condition and work safely and efficiently.

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