Mine Winch

Our main winches are Construction/Engineering Winch,Marine Winch and Mine Winch, we can provide 1-800 Tons customized electric and hydraulic winches, Our gained experience over more than 55 years backed up as specialists in Winches.Welcome the inquiry.


JZ Shaft Sinking Winch

Model: JZ-10/800
Steel rope static tensity: ≤100 KN
Rope capacity: 800 m
Steel rope diameter: 32 m
Motor power: 22 kw

Mine Hoist Winch

JTK/JTP/JK Mine Hoist Winch

Model: JTK-0.8×0.6
Speed: 1.3 m/s
Width: 800mm
Lifting material: 15 KN
Max.diameter: 14 mm

JKB/JTPB Explosion Proof Mine Hoist Winch

JKB/JTPB Explosion Proof Mine Hoist Winch

Model: JTPB-1.2×1
Width: 1000 mm
Breaking force: 270 KN
Max.diameter: 20 mm


2JZM Friction Shaft Sinking Winch

Model: JZM-25/800
Pulling load : 250 (KN)
Work type: Friction
Diameter: 52 (mm)

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