2JZM Friction Shaft Sinking Winch

2JZM Friction Shaft Sinking Winch

2JZM Friction Shaft Sinking Winch

2JZM Friction Shaft Sinking Winch

Model: JZM-25/800
Work type: Friction
Number: 1
Pulling load : 250 (KN)
Diameter: 52 (mm)
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Product Application  of Friction Shaft Sinking Winch

2JZM friction shaft sinking winch is mainly used for coal, metal ore and non-metallic mineral suspension Vertical Shaft excavation, water mercury, water pipes, templates, cables and other excavation equipment, can replace construction winch for construction and ground handling, etc., as lifting. This kind of winch with double drums with slow speed for stable operation.


1.Mine;            2.Metal mineral;
3.Non-metallic mineral suspension Vertical Shaft excavation;
4.Underground and ground lifting heavy material.

Technical data of Friction Shaft Sinking Winch

Model Steel rope capacity Diameter
m (mm)
JZM-25/800 800 52
2JZM-25/800 800 52
2JZM-25/1350 1350 52
JZM-40/1350 1350 60.5

After service

1.One year warranty for the whole machine;
2.A set of free wear parts available together with the winch;
3.Life- long free training and guidance;
4.International engineers ready to go abroad for installation, maintenance and commissioning any time;
5.Free training of operation and maintenance for clients in our factory;
6.Free training of operation, maintenance, installation and repairing for clients’ service man.

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